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Comment Bono Made last night on Conan

This might be spoilerish if you have not see it so it is behind the following cut

Last night, when Conan was talking to Bono..he said something a bit confusing to me. I know he likes president bush(although I don't) and I can understand why in some ways. Being in Bono's position, you have to be in teh middle, and see the good in everyone. I thought a lot about what he was saying about how if everyone is radical one way or the other, then the world will never come together. I have to agree with him there. I sometimes have to watch myself as I get very radically left wing sometimes.

Anyway, the one thing he was talking about was how Bush had done some good things. Like the Aid he has given Africa, which is fantastic!! but towards the end he made a comment about other things being good, and one of them he mentioned was the war on terror...

That confused me, A lot..cause I hate the war...of course that is my opinion, but I thought Bono hated war too??

Anyway if I have opened a can of worms I should not have, moderators please shove said worms back into their can and throw it at my head...

Otherwise, maybe someone can shed a little light onto what he meant. I have a feeling I may have misunderstood him. Bono is a very intelligent person, and very wise. He always thinks before he speaks. I really applaud him for that..
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