Leelee (leelee_cakes) wrote in u2,

MSG Oct.11th

Hey guys-so, I now have two extra tickets to see U2 on October 11th at MSG. They're seated, I believe lower bowl (sorry-I don't know the exact seats atm). They're 217$ for the pair. The reason I don't know the seat #'s is that my friend got the extra seats through work and she told me last night-before I could get that info, AIM booted her off *G*. I do know that they were 217$ together, so maybe someone who knows more than me can use that info to figure out the seating level. I know they're not obstructed or behind the stage and they're pretty good seats.

Email me at Leelee _ p @ hotmail.com and let me know if you're interested and I'll get you the seat info as well. We can meet at the venue to hand over the seats, as it's coming up so soon!

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