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Thoughts on the Conan appearance

I'll put it in a cut just in case some haven't seen it yet.

1. Performances. It might've been my parents crappy VCR, but did Bono sound 'off' during "All Because of You"? It just didn't sound right to me. Then again, considering how much singing that man has done in the past six months, he's allowed the odd crappy performance. ;) "Original of the Species" was absolutely gorgeous (and string quartet to boot!!). I personally skipped over "Stuck in a Moment..." since I don't care for the song, but "Vertigo" rawked!

2. Interviews. They all seemed a bit stiff. Poor Larry and Adam looked bored. The segment on the One Campaign was great, but I found the questions in general pretty generic and ho-hum on Conan's part.

3. Comedy. Conan on the street with the fans was funny. The Year 2000 bit was funny in parts, but I found most of it fell flat.

Overall, I have to say I was pretty unimpressed. Not with the band. The boys absolutely rocked, so it's gotta be Conan. I don't watch him on a regular basis, and I think I clued into why Thursday night.
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