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Larry's birthday...

As we know it's Larry's birthday in a couple of weeks and as the owner of my wonderful new Larry site, lol, I thought it might be nice to do him a birthday book of fans' messages to wish him a lovely day. I'm sure he would appreciate it and not tell us all to FOAD or something. ;)

So if you would like to contribute a birthday message for Larry, please email it to me at bonoffee@gmail.com and I will add it to the birthday book, which I will post to U2's management in Dublin in time for his birthday. I know he won't actually be there at that time but it'll be there for when he gets back, if they pass it on.

As his birthday is the 31st, I would ask all messages to be in by Wed 26th, so I can then compile them and make the book which I can always take pics of if anyone wants to see it when it's done, lol! If anyone has ideas for it you can let me know, I'm open to suggestions etc! Your message can be long or short or whatever! I don't think slash references are a good idea, though (I did this before for another guy in a group and loads of people mentioned slash, lol, I bet he was really confused!).

Yeah it's daft and a bit fangirlish but I just think it'd be a nice thing to do and a bit of fun for all of us writing him messages, lol! Just a bit o' fun ;)

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