Ms. Machina if you nasty (tinamachina) wrote in u2,
Ms. Machina if you nasty

2nd U2 concert

Different seats, (lower and more towards the front with a completely unobstructed view, particularly if you just want to sit), but still an awesome, awesome show!


The setlist (not in order):

City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, Beautiful Day, Elevation, Where the Streets Have No Name, Out of Control, Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Miracle Drug, All Because of You, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (ended with a piece of "In a Little While), Miss Sarajevo, Bullet the Blue Sky (interjected with verses from "Please" and "The Hands that Built America", same as Monday), With or Without You, The First Time, Love and Peace or Else, Crumbs from Your Table, Fast Cars, Stuck in a Moment, Pride, "40".

No "I Will Follow" or "Bad", but the additions of "Out of Control" and "Fast Cars" made me very happy.

Bono pulled a little girl up on stage during "Sunday" to sing the 'no more' parts.  She looked nervous, but thrilled to be up there.

Then during "Fast Cars", Bono (with a cowboy hat) pulls a young woman onto the stage to dance with him.  She was definitely not nervous--she was shakin' it!  Bono looked like, "Whoa!"  It was reminiscent of the belly-dancer (aka the future Mrs. Edge) dancing with Bono during "Mysterious Ways" @ the ZooTV tour.  Bono kissed her hand afterwards.  Lucky bitch...

Oh, and Edge was doing some flamenco dancing of his own during "Fast Cars" as well.  Yay spinning Edge!  Yay Adam and Larry, too--they were great!  Larry was awesome during "LAPOE", just like Monday night.

It seemed like a shorter show (maybe by 10 minutes or so), but it was just as loud, just as crazy, just as energetic.  Everything fun seems to go by too quickly.  All the waiting and anticipation, then it's over in a blink. 

The last two nights have been absolutely amazing.  I still couldn't believe that U2 was standing right there on stage.  I just didn't want the night to end.


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