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Song of the Day

Today's song....

"Scarlet" from October

I will give this SotD thing it's credit, the more I talk about some songs/albums, the more I like them.  The more I discuss October, the more I like it.  But it works the other way, too.  Some songs I thought I liked offhand, I really don't care for once I read into their history and discover the lyrics. (i.e. - "Is That All?")

"Scarlet" is still a difficult little song for me, but as I have it on repeat here, I like the music more and more.  The lyrics are simple (rejoice, rejoice, rejoice), so Bono only talk a half-day on this one.  There is piano work, which I love, Larry drolling away in the background.  What I love most of all about this song is Adam's bass.  It almost comes to the front, by being so predominant back there behind everything else.    This song also contains a Larry drum solo, heh, but not really.  Everything else gets quiet for a few seconds around 1:37, and Larry just marches on... to the beat of his own drum (oy what a cliche).

I don't think the lyrics posting is necessary.  You?

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