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In my quest to edit these pictures, I could not quite figure out how to zoom and unblur, so these will have to do for now:

This be who I saw on Tuesday night!

This be the name of the tour!

And this be the name of the band. :)

The stage before the show. It doesn't look quite as pretty at this point.

Kev and me eagerly anticipating!


Still waiting...


Keane!!! The next several shots are going to be Keane, so here we go...

And now the main event!

Bad shot. But this is the City of Blinding Lights opener.

Bono's feet. And somebody's head. Grrrr.

I'm not quite sure what I was trying to capture here!

Bono stomping around. He looks like some kind of phantom here!

Bono and Adam


And again... U2!!

Bono again... perhaps during Elevation?


Sometimes the monitors were the only way to get a decent picture.

The band again, especially Adam and Edge.

Bono, and Edge's head is missing up top.

I don't know what song we're up to here.

I love these boys!!! Next is a series of not so great shots...

Sunday Bloody Sunday... I want his headband!!

Monitors again...

This came out pretty good, I think.

Bullet the Blue Sky!

Some more Bullet

Miss Sarajevo

Where the Streets Have No Name. The crowd went more insane than usual around this time.

Bono and Adam

Annoying dude's head again

Muuuuch better!

It's the Edge!!! And I believe he's playing Stuck.

Fast Cars... *SIGH*

Once more, the monitors!


How long to sing this song...

My one and only picture of Larry, which obviously didn't come out so hot. He was the last to leave the stage.

As I said back in May, someday I'll see them again.
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