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this is cool

Hey everyone..

I posted earlier about my friend who needed a good 80s U2 song to perform on the keyboards.. if you can remember that post.. anyway, he and I hung out last night and I attempted to play him "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" on my acoustic guitar because it's the one song I can play, and then he figured it out on piano and played it. And then (this is the cool part) he had me play him "Where the Streets Have No Name" really quickly and then he proceeded to play the whole thing on piano. It was so cool. He's been playing for 14 years, so he's really really good. I wish I could record it and post it online somewhere so you all could hear it, because it's nice to listen to, especially if you're a fan like we are. :) Alrighty I suppose that's enough rambling from me...
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