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An evening of collaboration and original works with Daniel Lanois and Tortoise @ Avalon (1735 Vine St, Hollywood, 90028)

Daniel Lanois has collaborated with Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. Read more.

Daniel Lanois
After going on to produce the likes of U2, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan, Lanois has made an album that assimilates all of that experience, blending his peerless gift for evocative sonic texture with the soulful mysteries of blues, folk, country and gospel. Both timeless and futuristic, Belladonna reasserts Daniel Lanois' rightful crown as king of musical inner space.

The results of this process are clear in the lush, orchestrated tones, intricate melodies, and densely elaborate rhythms that make It's All Around You Tortoise's most adventurous and thoughtful record to date. These songs build deliberately and consistently, amassing music of great detail; exploring their layers is both exciting and infinitely rewarding.

Buy tickets.
Tickets may be purchased without service fees at the Avalon box office (M-F, 12-5pm)
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