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Bono plays drums, Edge is from another planet, and The Boss comes out for an encore!


(Understatement of the year.)

Last night's show in Philly was absolutely AMAZING.

I still can't believe I managed to see not only U2 for the second time but BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN as well.

Still. In. Shock. has a pretty good report on it - very cute title with Bono's comment, "This can't be a Monday night." Yeah, Bono we all wish it was a Saturday!

Anyway, as I was in the upper level, I can't say I got any special glimpses of the band so I'll leave that to someone else. :-)

But! One last thing - Closing out with "40" had to be most moving ending encore ever. We were still all belting it out after Larry walked off the stage.

God, I love those guys...

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