Dr. Who (hapavox) wrote in u2,
Dr. Who

"Oh Henry!"

This is the kind of stuff that is just very intriguing and interesting too. I know most of you guys are going to dislike me for posting the following but I just had to expose it so you'll be more aware. I did it for your own safety.:) For every loyal, loving die-hard U2 Fan...there's always its antithesis in the form of Henry Rollins. The following excerpt was taken from a small press conference/interview he did in Toronto in March of '96. Some of you may have already seen/read the following but this is the first time I've seen it in an un-edited, uncensored form. Check out a bit of what he had to say...

...As far as U2, I've said this before and I'll say it again. U2 to me, I said this yesterday on the radio, is like you smoking a joint in your bedroom and your dad coming in and going "Hey, give me a toke of that mary-jane. Let's get fly. Hey man, I'm dope. Hey, let's ill here on the fed. Let's get phat! Let's throw down bro!" That's U2 to me. "Hey look we can play the blues. I'm so sad. I'm so sad. Look, we even got a negro. An authentic negro. So, we're really doing it. We went to Sun Studios where some famous people stood around and were great. So, we bought the place for a few nights and now we're great too. And now we're going to have a big shopping mall onstage to show how cool kitchen American white-trash is." Here's a band who cannot play their old songs with a straight face. They can't play "Bloody Sunday" because that was a different pose. That was when 'bubble-butt' had the white flag, waving it around, saying "Let's Surrender! Everyone be nice to each other." Now, 'shithead' is wearing a gold lame suit, slicked back hair, mirrored shades, and he's coming at you from K-Mart. Okay, so they are the Pat Boone. They are the Death Star. They are the Darth Vader. They are the Death of Music. And the fact that they sell so many records is a shame! It's so bad!"

Yeah, so the excerpt was kind of dated/old but I'm not sure things have changed with Henry these days either. I just wanted to throw this into the mix and hear what you guys thought of this guy's comments above. He's pretty outspoken and quite brave among other adjectives you'd like to throw in there too. Here's a guy that cannot even stand or even listen to his old Black Flag music. There's always a rotten apple in every basket and he's made that clear to everybody. By far, he's the most vocal about his dislike for the group...
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