kat (bonoffee) wrote in u2,

Sexiest songs.

My depression's back with a vengeance today, kids. So humour me with this one. ;)

Which would you pick as the sexiest songs U2 has done? I don't necessarily mean the lyrics, or the performance. It could be either of those or just a mysterious quality that gives a song that extra spice. It doesn't even have to be sexy in a sexual way (yeah, I know what I mean, lol!).

My most obvious is of course HMTMKMKM. The end part (I'm in uni, can't be too explicit!) is not even the whole story. It's the music, the sex is in the music... And I'm sorry but the way Edge handles that guitar on Popmart Mexico is downright unsuitable for me to view when I'm not expecting it. ;)

Other than that, I think Until The End Of The World is incredibly sexy. That riff is the hottest thing Edge has ever played and every time I hear it, I want to kidnap him. Watching it on DVD is just as bad. But so good. And oh yeah, Bono's singing isn't bad, either. ;)

*thinks* Actually most of AB is, seeing as the subject matter is usually along those lines... But yeah, those are my top 2. :D

EDIT: Heh. The Fly. Your Blue Room. Love and Peace. Fast Cars (ole!), Mysterious Ways. Silver and Gold. Walk To The Water. With Or Without You. All I Want Is You. Discotheque.

I generally find what Edge does with a guitar is what makes a song sexy for me. Just thought about it there. Bono helps, though, when he sings all sexy. ;)
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