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Anyone need Detroit tickets?

Does anyone need tickets for the 10/24 U2 show in Detroit? My aunt has two extras that I'm trying to sell for her. They're relatively good seats (lower deck of seating at the Palace, opposite the stage).

Right now I have them on eBay... and I'm not trying to use this post as an advertisement for my auction, but putting them on eBay and spreading the word here seems like the best way to help my aunt cut her losses. I'll sell them immediately at face value ($325 for the pair), or you can make me an offer. Feel free to comment or e-mail me at mrslat at gmail dot com if you might be interested or have any questions.

If you e-mail me with a reasonable offer, I might just pull the eBay listing and just let you have them.

Here's the eBay listing, with more information.

So... if you want to go to the Detroit show... let me know or somethin'. Word.
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