lumencuro (lumencuro) wrote in u2,

Repost From My Journal (because of U2!)

My Life As A One Band Musical meme:

Step 1: Pick a Band [Using U2 :-)]
Step 2: Answer the Questions using only song titles by that band.

01- Are you male or female: Two Hearts Beat As One
02- Describe yourself: Original of the Species
03- How do some people feel about you: Bad
04- How do you feel about yourself: Out of Control
05- Describe your ex-boyfriend / girlfriend: Even Better Than the Real Thing
06- Describe current boyfriend / girlfriend: With or Without You
07- Describe where you want to be: Stranger in a Strange Land
08- Describe how you live: Like A Song...
09- Describe how you love: When Love Comes To Town
10- What would you ask for, if you had just one wish: Miracle Drug
11- Share a few words of wisdom: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
12- Favorite thing: When I Look at the World
13- Describe your day: Some Days Are Better than Others
14- Now say good-bye: Gone
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