Kelley (ladydeakin) wrote in u2,


Hi there,

I was inspired to write this after last night's AMAZING concert. If you want to use it yourself, edit it, or add anything to it, feel free. These are just my thoughts on being a fan for the past 15 years.

I am a U2 fan.

I support a band that has played nearly every country in the world.

I believe in debt relief for developing nations.

I believe in universal human rights.

I believe that one person's voice can make a difference.

I believe in turning songs into prayers.

I believe in the miracle of the soul.

I believe in creating a better world for our future generations.

I believe that compassion and peace are more powerful than bullets.

I believe that working towards a better future is bigger than partisian divides.

I believe in love.

I believe that saving the African continent is more important than a war against Terror.

I believe that .20 cents from every American will save more lives than the bulk of our tax dollars.

I believe that my purpose on Earth is to help others.

I believe that there are things bigger than us all at work here.

I believe that we have all been profoundly gifted with life and it is our responsibility to be worthy of this gift.

I believe a U2 concert is more spiritual than Church.

I am a U2 fan.

And I am proud.
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