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2006 calendars?

Has anyone seen the various U2 calendars available for next year?

~ The official one is being published by Danilo but I can't find any pictures of it yet. I doubt I'll buy it anyway as the official ones tend to be a bit rubbish, but I'm still interested to see what it looks like.

~ The front cover of the unofficial one by Blossom Rock / Slow Dazzle is here... I bought their one last year and it's great, so I have a certain amount of faith in this company. Plus I know this calendar is available in my local shops (so I've been told).

~ There's another unofficial one by Dream whose cover can be seen here. Apparently this one comes with stickers, which is rather tempting!!

~ I've also seen a listing for one by Edibas, but I can't find any pictures of that one.

If anyone has any handy links or recommendations, do speak up!  (Here's a purchase link for the Blossom Rock and Dream calendars.)
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