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Heya peoples!

I'm a pretty new U2 fan...since I've became addicted to "All That You Can't Leave Behind"!

My like of U2 is a bit weird...cause I love some of their stuff (like the older/Joshua Tree sorta stuff...and recent stuff) and really don't like some of there stuff too (like the 90s sorta stuff)! Anyway...I think Bono is a great guy...and I wanna learn more about the whole U2 thing...so I'm excited to be here!

Here's something I posted in my own journal a while back:

I'm a big fan of U2's "All That You Can't Leave Behind"...especially the song "Walk On"...because it's just an awesome anthem.

Anyway, I have 2 versions of "Walk On"...the album version...and radio version from the Aussie CD single. I think I like the radio/single version better (expect it doesn't have the little Bono talky intro).

I usually use the radio/single version to play along with on my guitar...but today I had the album version on...and started to play along. "WHAT THE?!? This isn't right...it's all wrong! Hang on...it's in a different key!" lol! The album version is all a semitone higher than the radio version...which is why it didn't sound too good when I started to play along.

So I played both the album and radio version of "Walk On" at the same time...on 2 different stereos next to each other. And I realised that not only is the radio version a semi-tone lower (and of course cut short for it to suit radio...which I already knew), but it's also faster...and I reckon the singing is better. lol. That's different.
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