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since u2 fans kick ass, (common knowledge duh ;) ) i figured i would ask you guys a question. what would you put on a u2 mix for a newbie. would you more hits than rareities(sp) or just rareties and make a apprecative u2 fan? thats the frist part of the question, then next part is optional but what songs would you put on the mix. ans yes its 7am here in F*#king freezing north carolina (ps southern = creampuff so all you northers out there....) and i prob worded the question as such that you prob though i mean what songs would you put on the the mix for the first question and this is a really long winded explaination, what i'm trying to get at (and i think i proofed my point) is that i should not be posting at such an early hour. final question, once again optional, but i dj at my college radio and i'm doing a u2 show. i've done some in the past, i played a bootleg of the vertigo tour and prob a 30 min block but i want your guys option of what i should play on a 2 hour show. any input would be appreciated. thank guys you rock!
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