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At the End of the World! *doodoo doodoo doo doo*

Woohoo!! I just finished reading Bill Flanagans 'U2: At the End of the World' today in my last period class at school. I absolutly LOVED that book. I got it over and read with in 3 days! I couldnt help myself from laughing out loud when I read about Adam 'pooting' and the 'perfect moments.' So now that I'm sitting here reflecting on the whole entire album/tour/album/tour story, I'm trying to come up with my favorite parts of it.. I really like Ch.49 where Bono goes and takes a midnite swim with the 'pixie,' and i like the talk with 'the old man' and ooh well, i love all of it, but just out of curiosity out of all of you all obsesses who've read it, what were y'alls highlights?
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