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funny how things work out

Well....Erin, my friend who was going with me to see U2 lost a very dear friend today, Hillary. Someone she had known for ten years. Someone I also was friends with, who in fact introduced me to Erin, got me my job which I am going into my third year on, and is one of my other friend's sister..

Don't know if that makes sense. We are a close knit group. And last night we lost one of our own. She died of a heart attack. Very sudden, very unexpected.

I may be going to see U2 alone, if my friend is too grief ridden to go. I am going to go though, because Hillary knew how much I was looking forward to it, and what it meant to me, and I know she would want me to go. it will be bittersweet now...

What a bizarre time to go to my first concert. I have never lost a friend like this right now I am kinda numb. I am OK though, everyone just pray or send kind thoughts for my friend Erin and for Hillary's family.

What would everyone else do in this situation, or what do you envision you would do? I am hoping I am not being selfish in any way...if you know sort of what I mean....
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