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Hey guys, you have no idea how much I hate to be doing this but times are hard, and I appear to have amassed a select collection of U2 stuff. A lot of it will be stuff people already have, but I think there's a few uncertain goodies. I've tried to be as fair as I can [i.e. not been an eBay hoor about it all], and I hope that if there's something that you might find of interest/worth here.

The pricings don’t include postage and packing, and I’ll calculate that based on where you live. I'll ship to anywhere in the world, and obviously if you’re interested in a bulk parcel of stuff I’ll willingly cut you a deal with some extra goodies, or a slightly cheaper package of stuff.

If you’re interested or have any questions, leave a comment to this post, or send me an email at realtarealta@hotmail.com

Vertigo tour programme
- European programme, excellent condition

Blender Nov 2004
- The front cover is tattered as hell, but the article inside is clean enough

Hotpress 1st Dec 2004
- Atomic Bomb release issue, in excellent condition
€5/ $8

- Special edition, jam packed full of goodies

Dubliner Nov 2004
- Atomic Bomb issue, in excellent condition
€5/ $8

NME July 2005
- U2/ Live 8
€5/ $8

Vertigo DVD single
- w/ two Vertigo videos, two songs + photo gallery
€10/ $15

Vertigo CD single
- B Side: Are you gonna wait forever?
€7.5/ $10

Vertigo CD single
- B Sides: Vertigo [Jackknife Lee], Neon Lights
€7.5/ $10

Into the Heart, Niall Stokes
- Paperback ATYCLB inclusive, 2003 Edition, slight scuffing on edges
€10/ $15

U2: Show, Diana Scrimgeour
- Hardback in excellent condition, 2004, London printing
€35/ $45

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