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Song of today...

"Are You Gonna Wait Forever?" from the Vertigo single

The opening lyric immediately reminds me of another song, and I'm not sure how it couldn't for most people. "All the obstacles in my way, now..."  Hey, uh, Bono... you skipped "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone."  It even sounds the same, just modernized with that funky guitar noise Edge is putting out.

It took a while for me to like this song.  But now I really like it for it's optimism.  It's one of those songs you can use to feel better, or at least feel hopeful.  The lyrics are a bit uncreative, with the one-line chorus.  Plus, lines like "furniture you can rearrange" are about the same notch as "always wear a safety belt."  I prefer this song as a whole, though, than the sum of it's parts.  It's a nice little track to put on and feel good too.  Even if it will be a while till summer comes again (except for our Down Under friends in here), you can just pretend it's right around the corner, with all sorts of other happiness. :)

Are You Gonna Wait Forever?

All the obstacles in my way, now
Are disappearing every day, now
I'm getting closer
We're getting closer to home
It won't be long until the summer comes

Are you gonna wait forever?
Are you gonna wait forever?

Getting out from under my bed, now
I'm going to say the things I should have said, now
Getting closer
Getting closer to what's true
Gonna find myself in you

Are you gonna wait forever?
Are you gonna wait forever?
Are you gonna wait forever?
Are you gonna wait forever?

There's no one there behind their eyes
They're in the business, beautiful lies
We'll keep the promise
'Cause we don't know how to break it
The furniture you can rearrange
Don't trade your dreams for some small change
Guard the flame, or better leave it naked

Are you gonna wait forever?
Are you gonna wait forever?
Are you gonna wait forever?
Are you gonna wait forever?
How, how long, how long?
Or is it now, now, now?
Or is it now?

Fave Lyric:
Getting closer, closer to what's true.
Gonna find myself in you.

Here's where I get fickle.  I am NOT putting this song on Gmail, I draw my line of file-sharing between what's readily available and what isn't.  The Vertigo single is still in stores. 


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