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"The Playboy Mansion" from Pop

A nice, groovy little track.  Unfortunately, paired with "If You Wear That Velvet Dress," it makes me sleepy.  Not bad sleepy, more of a... drowsy, I suppose.  It's described as a 'gospel song for white trash.' 

The opening is almost like a descent, "Come hither, I have something to tell you."  I can almost imagine a camera movement paired with it, down a staircase, into some lofty basement of a club or something like that.  Bono, in Into The Heart, describes it as Prosperity as a Religion.  There's a reason they're called Haves and Have-Nots, not just Rich and Poor.  The tone of the song changes toward the end, and it's as if our narrator realizes how fake it all is.   In fact through most of the song Bono is talk-singing, but once we come to "Then there will be no time for sorrow" his true voice emerges.  This is where we move on to the gospel of the song. 

Edge's backing vocals, starting with just "aaahs" in the fifth verse, are sublime.  I have a special affinity for songs without choruses, I don't know why.  I guess I just don't like repetition too much.  Here, there's only the refrain of "Love, come on down" and "Then there will be..."  I'm not usually a fan of slide guitar, but it's perfect here.  Adam's bass is melodic, and as always, carries us during guitar-gaps.

The Playboy Mansion

If Coke is a mystery
Michael Jackson... history
If beauty is truth
And surgery the fountain of youth
What am I to do
Have I got the gift to get me through
The gates of that mansion

If OJ is more than a drink
And a Big Mac bigger than you think
If perfume is an obsession
And talk shows, confession
What have we got to lose
Another push and we'll be through
The gates of that mansion

I never bought a Lotto ticket
I never parked in anyone's space
The banks feel like cathedrals
I guess casinos took their place
Love, come on down
Don't wake her, she'll come around

Chance is a kind of religion
Where you're damned for plain hard luck
I never did see that movie
I never did read that book
But love, come on down
And let my numbers come around

Don't know if I can hold on
Don't know if I'm that strong
Don't know if I can wait that long
'Til the colours come flashing
And the lights go on

Then will there be no time for sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame
And though I can't say why
I know I've got to believe

We'll go driving in that pool
It's who you know that gets you through
The gates of the Playboy mansion
But they don't mention... the pain to reach

Then will there be no time for sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame
Then will there be no time for sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame

Fave Lyrics:
But they don't mention... the pain to reach.

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