popcorn (films) wrote in u2,

For the first time........

You know I have no clue why i am writing this in U2 land. haha. but hey. know the song "the first time" or something like that. well a line goes "for the first time i feel loved" well anyways i hate to say it but i've never had much luck with girls. (give me credit at least i go out and try to ask for a date...get shot down all the time) well last december in the middle of times sq i had gotten my first kiss from the first girl i ever fell in love with and was in love with from 1997-2005. Anyways I have never had a date or anything like that or a girlfriend. (Sorry if i am playing feel sorry for me) but anyways i hope those words from that song will ring true when someone likes me for who i am and what not and even wants to be my first gf or even give me a french kiss - (never had one.) So when that day happens I'll say its a beautiful day and for the first time, I feel loved! ......Count down to my first U2 show MSG 11-21-05

PS-Not that anyone cares but for the 2 editing projects I have done for people I have put 2 U2 songs in. Orginal of the Spieces and SYCMIOYO (editing to photos with fades and what not....both songs were used to pay tribute to someone)
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