the broken radio was playing suicide (volare) wrote in u2,
the broken radio was playing suicide

Song of the day - UPDATE

Have permission from Rivergoat to distribute this mix as much as we care to XD

MOFOxTomorrow mash-up

    "Her notes: -

    1) The beginning is simply parts of Mofo reversed - I am sure that, by now, most of y'all have heard my thoughts on ofoM! }:)~

    2) ofoM segues into the drumstick countdown in Tomorrow - if you listen closely, you can hear it.

    3) The beginning is disjointed on purpose.

    4) This mix is *mostly* a simple chop-and-paste. It was done entirely with Adobe Audition (formerly known as Cool Edit).

    5) The "black car" part always gives me the giggles for some reason - I guess it's because I visualize a young, mulleted Bono getting his groove on with that goofy early 80's stomp-dance he used to do! }:)~

    6) I think I shot my big guns early - the beginning is the best part IMO.

    7) During the mixing, I noticed something I'd not heard before - right after the part "Noone tells me no", you can hear Bono singing distantly "I'm calling, I'm calling, I'm calling." Cool.

    8) I originally wanted to put the ending of Tomorrow into the end of this mix, but I think it winds down better this way.

    Feel free to distribute this mix if you want to. Any questions or suggestions are welcome -"

Note bene: My webhosting is cranky on the best of days - if you get an error, 404s etc, wait a few minutes and try again, it usually means someone else is downloading something. If someone else wants to host or mirror or reupload to YSI or the Google addy that'd be cool too. (contains mp3 and .txt file)
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