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U2 dream

Since we've been on the subject of U2-related dreams, you might get a kick out of this one I had last night - I dreamt that Bono had a cameo in the latest Harry Potter film!  It wasn't entirely clear who or what he was supposed to be, but he was sitting on a rocky ledge eating pies, looking rather tramp-like in robes and possibly a pointed hat. He only had about one scene, giving some sort of directions or advice (maybe a warning) to the young heroes as they walked below him. He put on an eccentric accent for the part (kind of like in the dirty joke MP3 that bonoffee uploaded recently), but I thought his soft and slightly husky voice was perfect for the character; I also recall being impressed by his facial expressions. It turned out that Bono was a really good actor who could throw himself into the role completely - heh, as if we didn't know THAT already...! :D
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