devourer of nations (or whatever's in your fridge) (spicedrum) wrote in u2,
devourer of nations (or whatever's in your fridge)

Wild Horses in Vegas

If I had known the crappy .avi video files on my camera were going to turn out this well, I'd have damned the photos and taken video bits all night. However, I thought it'd be crap, so I took mostly photos.

All I can offer is a snippet of Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, Las Vegas Friday, Nov 04 2005. Edge broke a string on his acoustic, and the replacement acoustic wasn't mic'd correctly, so he finished out electric. This is the very end.

I am on an extremely slow dialup connection, so this is the only time I can upload this to You Send It. If any of you want to re-upload it and drop the link in the comments, that'd be greatly appreciated.

ETA: If you're using a program that doesn't recognize .avi files, you can always open up Windows Media Player.

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