James (flashfire) wrote in u2,

Pics: U2, Oakland, 11/8/05

Here they are.

For the first time taking pictures at a concert, especially not being right up close, I'm pretty happy with these. It can be tough to shoot indoors, so the shots look a little grainy because I had to mostly use ISO 400 in order to shoot with a shutter speed fast enough to prevent a lot of blurring. A few shots aren't as focused as I'd like, but overall they came out better than I was expecting. I've done much better in other mediums, but you can't be too picky when it comes to stuff like this.

Many of the shots are full stage pictures. That's something I like as far as the different ways the lights are used, but since I was able to get in with a couple telephoto lenses (nothing fancy - just a 2x and 3x) I could get better stuff up close. I also kind of liked the shot of all the cell phones being held up. It really does look kind of like you're out in space. 50 pictures here:

U2: Oakland, 11/8/05
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