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Okay, some of you are probably aware of this already, but I have a problem...

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Adam Clayton's hair.

And I don't know where it's coming from! I mean, I'm a Bono girl. Fullstop. But several weeks ago, I was looking at some photos of Adam, and his hair is just so nice looking. Such a silver fox. My immediate reaction was "I want to stick my fingers into his hair."
It just grew from there.
Even prior to this, I had a bit of a thing for Pop!Adam. Maybe it was the white glasses, maybe it was the super-sexy bassline in Do You Feel Loved, maybe it was the PopTart shirt. Whatever it was, Pop!Adam was sexy. But Vertigo!Adam had the hair.
I've decided that should I ever get a chance to meet the man, I'd have only one request. "Adam, may I please, please stick my fingers into your hair? It's my life's goal!" My hope is that such a request would be so off the wall, that he'd be surprised into letting me.

But really, it's not just his hair. It's not just the Pop glasses. It's Adam himself.
Say I'm scrolling down a page of various U2 photos. I am a Bono girl, there's no question about that. But I see a photo of Adam (especially if he's playing his bass at the time) and I go "OMG! ADAM CLAYTON! OMG! I LOVE YOU!" No other band member causes such a reaction in me. Not even Bono.

But still, it's mostly the hair.

Do they have a 12 step program for this?
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