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The U2 Vertigo DVD special just aired for the first time on MTV2 (it airs again at 1:30 PM EST)

The program went:

-too many commercials-
New Year's Day
Original Of The Species
-too many commercials-
City Of Blinding Lights

Short, yes. Too many commercials, yes. Bloody awesome? HELL YES. I am sooo excited about this DVD.

Vertigo was basically the same performance shown on Good Morning America last May (including the bit of Stories For Boys), but with some differences in editing. Example, originally, Bono lets off his like "Just give me what I want, and no one gets-" and the audience finishes off with "Hurt!" and he kind of laughs. This has been edited in the DVD version, they throw in a voice clip of Bono out of nowhere singing the last bit. Probably not noticable to anyone that hasn't seen the original, but it bothered me slightly.

New Year's Day seemed slightly drawn out. The third verse is skipped over entirely, and instead there's just a lot of music, and Bono smiling at Adam. Okay.

Original Of The Species, OH MY GOD. I was fighting to not burst into tears, it was just beautiful. And this is the same performance used in the iPod commercial, so you'll recognize the middle bit from there. Best part? Bono saying "It's her birthday too." Meaning, Jordan, his oldest daughter, who shares his birthday. Awwwwww. Oh and Bono pointing at himself during "some people got way too much confidence, baby".

City Of Blinding Lights, I sat there for like the first minute or so trying to figure out what song it was. I could hear the slow buildup, but not recognize it. And then I start to go "Streets!" but then I knew I was wrong. Finally I recognized it, and I was like "Oh duh, Blinding Lights **hits self**" During the "flash bulbs, purple irises" verse, he went down to the end of the stage, where a bunch of people inside the ellipse were taking pictures of him. And then at the end of the song, he was kind of posing for them.

In conclusion, YES! MAKE NEXT WEEK GET HERE NOW, kthx. I cannot wait to sit down, and watch the whole thing, uninterrupted.
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