Tara (nemisisusa) wrote in u2,

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I love when U2 pops up when I least expect them to.

My car has been acting weird, so I go out to start it up and run it a bit to see if it stalls again. I look down and realize that someone has been messing with my radio presets (again). I go fix it, and tune to the classic rock station, 97.5 the Hawk and lo and behold a U2 Triple Shot. Where they play three songs in a row. I was so happy, so I rocked out for a few minutes.

They played With or Without You, Sunday Bloody Sunday and a live version of Bad (Couldn't tell you when or where it was from. I know it didn't sound like it was from Wide Awake in America. Just sounded different I dunno...) It was awesome :)
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