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Joshua Tree Survey

Out of sheer boredom, I created this kind of survey/critique thing devoted to rock albums so I decided to devote one of them towards "The Joshua Tree." So click that little lj-cut down there to read it and wallow in my pretentious opinionating.

Name of album: The Joshua Tree

Name of artist: U2

To get a feeling of where your musical tastes lie, list 5 albums from different artists you regularly listen to:
"All That You Can't Leave Behind"-U2
"The Invisible Band"-Travis
"White Blood Cells"-White Stripes
"Innervisions"-Stevie Wonder

This is the numeric rating to be used on the following questions on a scale of 1-5: [0=(piece of shit) 1=(poor), 2=(mediocre), 3=(good), 4=(excellent), 5=(sumthin' really special). .5 decimals may be used]

Rate each of the songs on the album:

Where The Streets Have No Name: 5
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For: 5
With Or Without You: 5
Bullet The Blue Sky: 4 - The live version would get a 4.5 however.
Running To Stand Still: 4
Red Hill Mining Town: 4
In God's Country: 4.5
Trip Through Your Wires: 4
One Tree Hill: 4.5
Exit: 3
Mothers of the Disappeared: 5

Rate the singing: 5 - Bono is still a great singer but for me, "The Joshua Tree" is where Bono hit his peak in terms of singing. The range and passion in his singing on this album is incredible.

Rate the guitar playing: 4

Rate the rhythm section (bass & drums): 3.5

Rate the production: 4

Rate the lyrics: 4.5

Rate the album cover: 4

Does the album's title do a good job of capturing the spirit or tone of the album? Yep

What often makes a great album is a great beginning. Does the album have a great beginning?'s "Where The Streets Have No Name"

Does the album have a great ending? Yep...a very haunting ending.

List 5 ideas or moments (ex. a line or verse that touched you, a guitar or bass riff, the way someone plays an instrument) that really stand out for you on this album:

1. Edge's guitar riff fading in and then Adam and Larry crashing in at the beginning of "WTSHNN"
2. The fadeout on "WTSHNN"
3. Bono's singing on "ISHFWILF"
4. Edge's slide guitar at the fadeout of "ISHFWILF"
5. The fadeout on "Mothers of the Disappeared." (U2 are good at fadeouts!) Especially that sound throughout that fadeout. I don't know if it's a distorted guitar or what but I think you kind of know what I'm talking about. A good example of that sound appears at the 4:21 mark if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Honorable mentions: (I couldn't name just 5!)
- The guitar riffs on WOWY
- Edge's electric guitar crashing in on In God's Country

List 5 adjectives that best describe the album for you: brilliant, hopeful, haunting, angry, mournful

Any other flaws with the album that wasn't covered before? I'm no expert on rhythm but I don't think Larry and Adam aren't quite at their best on this album and so the rhythm feels a little sluggish to me. I do think they're great on Achtung Baby and ATYCLB so please don't flame me. "Exit" also seems kind of like a throwaway to me and not quite finished.

Any other comments? A great and classic album. One of U2's top 3. What can I say that hasn't already been said?

Here's the big one: As subjectively as possible, rate the album on a scale of 1-10: 8.5
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