Robby (arashi_soul) wrote in u2,

11/18 Ticket for Sale!

I have a ticket for the 11/18 Atlanta show on sale at eBay. I'm asking for $105 plus shipping, which includes both the concert ticket and a Philips Arena parking pass. That's one concert ticket at face value (with Ticketmaster fees), and the parking pass is free. If you're interested, please check out the auction page here.

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Note: Because of the 2-3 day wait to confirm my bank account for PayPal, my best friend, who lives in Ohio, is running the auction for me. When the auction ends and she receives your payment, she'll notify me, and I'll ship the ticket and the parking pass overnight with USPS Express Mail. You'll need to send your payment quickly, however, or I won't be able to ship the ticket and the pass in time for them to arrive by Friday.

Edit: Auction closed! Ticket purchased and shipped!
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