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my review of Altanta, 11-18-05

wow. what do you say for a show that defied expectations? This was my first show this tour, but i've been collecting bootlegs all along so i felt i had been to at least 20. I was right on the right side of the ellipse on the rail. Bono came out just almost right in front of me. The show really surprised me with End of the world and the Fly. I got in line at 3 A.M. and was number 24 in line. Bono of course nailed the aria during Miss Sarajevo flawlessly, i dont know how he does it.

The band seemed really impressed with the crowd, they were all smiles, especially Adam. I got the pleasuer of nabbing one of the drumsticks after Love and Peace or Else, i also took some confetti from COBL.

I met great, great people in line. Shout out to Michael from Tennesee, we had a great conversation. I'll assume you'll read this, i hope you had an amazing night, as i lost track of you as i went inside. Such an incredible night, so surreal. Listening to some of these songs at the show, i just stopped singing and took it all in, rembering myself singing this song in my room or in my car and now barely believing my eyes at Adam Clayton reads my sign and smiles at me during Streets. Adam was also right in front of me during Yahweh. What a great night.

If i ever get to tell Bono/U2 anything, it would simply be, "thank you". see you in Charlotte!!

thank you.

i'll post pictures later.
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