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Altanta 2 (11/19) thoughts

Oh wow. I mean...wow. I was in seats, almost behind the stage but not quite. On the corner as much as one can be in Phillips Arena! But our view was never obstructed and the screens were nice, too. Big, gigantic screens!

This is one of the moments that will forever be engrained in my memory-Bono's pronunciation of Piedmont Park! A park in Altanta, obviously, and I think he was commenting on its beauty. I can't begin to mimic his pronunciation, but oh my goodness. It was really, really funny. And the whole "Happy birthday to Ted Turner" thing. That was not the most serious moment of the show! :)

I was really, really impressed with Pride (In the Name of Love). The song is nice, but I never thought that much of it but last night it just...it was amazing, it really rocked. The whole night did. We left right before "Bad" ended, and walking out hearing Bono still singing "I'm wide awake," was just exaulting.

Here's the setlist from U2.com:

City of Blinding Lights
I Will Follow
Still Haven’t Found
Beautiful Day
Original of the Species
Sometimes you Can’t Make it On Your Own
Love and Peace or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride in the Name of Love
Where the Streets Have no Name

Until the End of the World
Mysterious Ways
With or Without You

First Time (Does anyone know what this song is?)
Stuck in a Moment

I assume that the One/MLK meledy was unique to Atlanta-was it done at the 18th show? That's one thing that I really enjoyed about last night. The band knew they were in Atlanta, and they let the crowd know that. "And with the King family in the house," the Ted Turner thing, "You may have CNN, but we had ZooTV!" The CNN Center is right across the street from the arena, too, in a "You cannot, cannot miss it!" way.

One last thing-setlist from the 18th? I'd like to compare.
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