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Sydney at last!

Soooo... Australian fans :D

Is it worth joining the fan club? Do you think there will be a great advantage in doing so?

I'm near Sydney, so (hopefully) I'll be going to both Sydney shows (despite the fact that they've only officially announced ONE show, pfft we all know what's going on there).

If I know Ticketek/touring companies at all, they'll release tix for the 1st concert, which will sell out in 0.003seconds. So I'll end up buying SHITTY SHITTY tickets to the first concert, only for the person 2 calls after me to grab GA right-up-the-front tickets. Grar.

I've not bought concert tickets over the internet before, is it better or worse than by phone?

Every time I think about not getting tickets I feel nauseous o.O

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