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So I'm new to this community, and I've been a big-obsessed U2 fan for prolly two years, but I've been listening to them with my dad my entire life. <3

Anyways, I just found out that Bono's birthday is on May 10. That's my birthday, too. :) I'll be sixteen. ^_^ As you can tell, I'm pretty stoked about it. I wanna email him and tell him, "Hey, d00d, we have the same birthday!!" That would be so rad. *_*

Since I love U2 so much, I'm making a personality selector for it - - "What U2 song are you?" But I really need your guys' help.

I don't want to use selectsmart, so I really need a website with a lot of bandwidth to put it on. And I also don't quite know how to link the questions to the answers. I've made all seven of the result songs, which include "The Sweetest Thing" and "Angel of Harlem" among others. I have all nine questions typed up and it's a fairly simple formula. I just need some real help on how to put everything together.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone want to help out? It would be much appreciated, by the by, I plan to be a very active poster around here!! :)
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