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Conspiracy Theory! OMG!

Okay, I'm crazy, right? Quite crazy, in fact.

Somehow, in my head, I decided that Pop and How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb are the same album. So I started coming up with this conspiracy theory.

It's really messed up. Please don't take the majority of this too seriously ;P

Now, it would be awesome if I could do this perfectly without mixing up the tracklistings, but it's not possible. Some of these are dead obvious, while others are quite stretched.

These are in the order of the Pop tracklisting, because it came first =P

Discotheque ------> Vertigo
Both are "out-there", fast-paced, attention-getting songs (with odd singular word titles) that on the outide, seem like quite a bit of fluff, but have deeper meaning underneath.

Do You Feel Loved ------> Yahweh and A Man And A Woman
It gets two ;P Just have a look at the lyrics of DYFL and Yahweh, Bono is instructing in both that his shoes/boots, shirt, and hands be taken.
Now look at the middle eight of DYFL, "Heavy rhythm, taking over, to stick together, a man and a woman, stick together, man and woman, stick together", sound familiar?

Mofo ------> Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own
This one's fairly obvious. Mofo is about Bono's mother, SYCMIOYO is about his father.

If God Will Send His Angels ------> Nothing
I tried, but nothing would fit.

Staring At The Sun ------> City Of Blinding Lights
Sort of a stretch, but there are some similarities there. In SATS, he's not afraid to go blind, and in COBL, he's well, being blinded XD

Last Night On Earth ------> All Because Of You
Okay, they're both track 6, and this is a HUGE stretch. They're both fast and energized though, so that's a commonality. Also, the chorus of both is pretty much a single line repeated three times.

Gone ------> One Step Closer
A slight stretch, but not by much. Both songs have a sad, desperate, almost depressing feel about them.

Miami ------> Fast Cars
Is it cheating to use Fast Cars? I figure it's okay, because by adding it to HTDAAB, they both have 12 tracks. Miami and Fast Cars are both sort of silly, fun, throw-away songs.

The Playboy Mansion ------> Crumbs From Your Table
Quite a bit of a stretch here. But they're both my least favourite song from their respective albums, so they have that in common anyway.

If You Wear That Velvet Dress ------> Original Of The Species
Huge stretch here, but they're both track 10 =P. There's also the "the last time you scratched at my door" and "you steal right under my door" lines, which are slightly similar.

Please ------> Love And Peace Or Else
The token political song on each album, though they're about different things.

Wake Up Dead Man ------> Yahweh
Both are pleas to God, though one is bitter and the other questioning, though joyous.

Nothing ------> Miracle Drug
Once again, nothing fit.

Now, that was pretty weird. And it's a pretty sucky conspiracy theory because I had to stretch it so far to make it work. We can conclude though, that Pop and HTDAAB are the same album roughly 50% of the time. Do You Feel Loved is attached to both A Man And A Woman and Yahweh, which is also attached to Wake Up Dead Man. And If God Will Send His Angels and Miracle Drug are both unattachable.

Am I totally mad? Yes, I think so =D
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