into the heart of a child... (aloneinthelight) wrote in u2,
into the heart of a child...

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right up against the rail

the beautiful crowd behind me

me waiting after 15 hours or so

here he comes....

sometimes you can't make it on your own

i know that we dont sick of it all

can you hear me when i siiiing?

i love this shot

this looks cool

now look at what you started

lay it down


what an ass...... ;)

we need love and peace....


thats right...i got one of those sticks


the journey of equality moves on

to Africa


making his way down

that man read my sign, acknowledged me and smiled. wow

Lord Adam Clayton

he looks like a god...wait he is, isn't he?

one of the best moments to experience....we now have lift off

magical moment

"turn this place into the milky way"


The Fly!!!!

It's no secret at all

thats me holding my sign

still in disbelief over that

sing this with me this is 40

after its all said and done....without a doubt the best night of my exaggeration


the drumstick! I dont think that has sunk in yet

that is it my friends, hopefully i didnt rape anyone with dial up. As you can see i didnt take any pics for the first 8 songs or so, but il be sure to get some when i see them in Charlotte.
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