There's a man out there! On the wing of the plane! (mmmmjournal) wrote in u2,
There's a man out there! On the wing of the plane!

U2 Claims!

Is there a U2 Claims community somewhere?

EDIT: Okay so there's been a positive response so far. I'll create the community if somebody wants to help me maintain it. (Moderating a claiming community can be a full-time gig!)

But first I want some ideas. What should it be called? How many claims does each person get? Over what period of time? And if somebody claims a song, can somebody else claim a lyric? If a band member is claimed, can people then start claiming body parts? (Yes ladies, I know what you're thinking.) :P

The only rule I definitely want to implement is that nobody is allowed to claim the entire band.... because we all must be able to share! As far as everything else is concerned though, I think anything and everything having to do with U2 should be up for grabs.

If we can reach a consensus, I'll start the community this week.
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