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This really be my lucky day.

After several months in the making, my Super Secret Project has now progressed into a Super Secret Video.

And now that Google Live (the most heavenly creation on the planet) has accepted it, I can call it what it truly is.

My Magnum Opus

Yes this is U2 related.
It all started when I was riding my bike on the eve of a tropical storm and Last Night on Earth came on my iPod shuffle. Everything did look like the last night on Earth, so I decided to actually make a video.

I basically took about 20 minutes of Hurricane Wilma footage. Some of it off the TV, some of it in Supermarkets and then of the damage my neighborhood encountered. I managed to make it all fit into a nice 4 minute and 42 seconds edited MASTERPIECE (hah!) and queued it to "Last Night on Earth."

It is awesome. I nearly cried making it because I put so much work into it. The filming, the editing and then the 6 hours it took me to create.

I'd include testimonials, but there's only so much pompous self-pimping I can do.

Here's a link to download, if you wish to:

I want to make more! >XD
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