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This is my review of Nov 21- 2005 Monday at MSG.... Note i am misssing a pic of the outside of the garden. This is just my review on the show. the journal about my full trip will be on my LJ soon. with over 100 pics. Some of the U2 pics are NOT MINE. I took only 3. Since it was my first ever U2 show I just wanted to enjoy it for my first time. I let MSG do all the work for the pics.
but anyway here it is My first ever U2 show

I was on my way down to MSG. The rain fell down like sheets. I saw the sign for MSG and it read

Show Pic (U2 Monday Nov 21)

I was finally here! It was 10 months ago that I had bought a ticket on ticketmaster for a november show. I did not think I would come to NYC but I did. I walked closer to the garden and I saw lots of people wait in line. The stand by line. The line was almost around the block. While people were asking if people like my self had any extra tickets. I just “walked on” I made my way inside to where the merchandise was on sale. As I stood in line I met 3 girls. 2 came all the way from LA to see this show because they bought tickets from ebay. One girl had seen them 3 times on this tour so far. The girl next to me was awesome. She had told us she at met Bono at 4pm while his car was driving in the parking lot of the garden. She said to us you wanna see what he signed! I am still in shock that I have it. So she pulled out the paper and there it was in black sharpy Bono. And she was waiting in line for merchandise! ha. She got the best thing! I looked around at the shirts. I could not see too well and I saw a shirt that looked like NYC but instead I saw the MSG NYC Vertigo Poster for $10. (More on the poster later) I think they were asking for the MSG shirt $35 I thought that was too much money.
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So after waiting in line for 15 min. I had gotten my poster and I walked to wait for the doors to open. Now remember this is my first show. Not knowing what to expect or anything like that. I waited online with some other people and then the doors opened. I went up up up up up the stairs to the last floor of the garden. I saw the stage from the entire garden because we had to walk around the circle to get to our seats. I finally found my seat

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I sat down and started to talk to a few people around me. All nice people. The vibe was a good vibe. I got love and peace and U2 from everyone. The vibe at rolling stone shows are different so I can not compare both. I had my fingers crossed that no one would sit next to me so I could put my 25lbs book bag there. And no one did! Any ways so Patti Smith opened up for the band. I had never heard of her before in my life. I kind of liked 2 songs by her. the war speech before one of the songs was interesting. the crowed was mixed. I guess the war is a mixed bag now in what people think about it and why we are there. Any ways and the song and I am not going to say the name of it because its a word that white people do not use. hehee. “the N” song. The thing that made me listen and I was shocked that during the middle part of the song she screamed that a few times. I have to admit I was happy when she was finished. I had no clue who she was. ha. Now the wait had begun I bought the ticket back in march and it all leads up to this one moment - was this trip worth it? YES! We had to wait an awful long long time for U2 to come on stage. Also MSG was still empty from my pov. people still trying to locate seats. I did not bother to look at my cell for the time but it was time. The lights went down. The stage lights went on.
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Everyone. Everyone. Everyone! The opening chords for “City of Blinding Lights” were struck by The Edge. MSG was wild from that point on. it was such a good touch to play the song in the real city of blinding lights. I had worked so hard for this moment to be where i am at msg watching this amazing show. The crowed lit up when the chorus came. During the song I felt tears come down. I knew this would be a good experience. I sang my heart out to that song. This was the set list

City Of Blinding Lights
Vertigo / Rockaway Beach (snippet)
I Will Follow
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Beautiful Day / Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (snippet) / Blackbird (snippet)
Original Of The Species
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own / Torna A Surriento (snippet)
Love And Peace Or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday / Rock The Casbah (snippet)
Bullet The Blue Sky / Please (snippet) / The Hands That Built America (snippet) / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet)
Miss Sarajevo
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name
One / Ol' Man River (snippet)

Until The End Of The World
Mysterious Ways
With Or Without You / Love Will Tear Us Apart (snippet)
The First Time
Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
Instant Karma
Bad / People Have The Power (snippet)

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So we all need Spanish Lessons that night. And Bono was our teacher. The next song was Vertigo! We were all moving with Bono during the song! And all of us were in a place called Vertigo. I cant really describe how I felt this song...(i am sorry if this is a weird maybe bad review but it was my first time and its my first time to review the show). Before the song Bono said we (the wonderful city of NYC) to sing back for I Still Have not found what I am looking for” because this was “Our Song” We sang our hearts out, the city of NYC! I was in tears singing. People sure did light up when the next 3 songs were played. I was high that night - high on U2! To me Beautiful Day was a high light. The song seemed to capture that day for me so well. I sang everyone sang. I loved it so much! When the snippet of Blackbird was sung I cried yet again (even though I was during the song) I was thinking of my mom (who was home in NC and that's her fav. Beatles song so I felt it was from Bono to her)

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The next 2 songs our section did sit down but we all did stand up and sing. Original of the Species I loved because it just reminds me of my childhood (and I have started to use that song in my photo dvds for people) SYCMIOYO was another emotional one. Bono sure did sing his heart out. The song also reminds me of 2 people. One my Uncle (who loved Opera and got me into it when I was a young child) and the Second person is my dad. All I gotta say is we are not that close. So I did sing my heart out and every single word! Love and Peace Or Else was a song I thought I would not enjoy but oh it was so awesome. Bono playing the drum in the middle of the stage. I feel he was getting out all of his anger he was feeling about the war and everything else though the beating of the drum. The special effects during the start of the song also fit the song very much so. Now this was the song to me started to feel like a good Protest song (even though Bono does not see it that way - i think?) NYC was singing all of its hearts out during Sunday Bloody Sunday! A nice long long one! I also loved how he took the young boy up on to the stage and we sang our hearts and got our rage out. Bono I feel will be the next Bob Dylan if you think about it. The song Bullet In The Sky....how long that song went it reminded me of a rolling stones song “Cant You Hear Me Knocking” Because the song was so long but it was awesome though because after awhile you just had to stop grooving to the music and just stand there watching Bono being took over by the music. It was also Edge’s solo. I had a feeling we were in a treat for the next song because I had known Bono had worked with (the opera singer cant say his name) any ways during Miss Sarajevo Bono I feel made his father proud, he sang some Opera for us. What a moment! Again this is my first show! Skipping over to “One” Wow what a song! When Bono told all of us take out the phones to see “The Milkyway” Wow, what a site! I tried to take some photos and some video of that but they did not come out too well. I knew it would be a special night. It was. That night at MSG we are all ONE, Hearts, Minds and Souls. All wanting Peace and Love. At the end of the song we got a nice snippet of “Old Man River” The crowed did not do too well singing so Bono told us to sing it again. It was dedicated to the victims of the hurricanes.

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After One the band went back stage and we were all screaming. I was screaming because I did not want this amazing time in my life to end. It had took me alot to get to where I was that night. A year ago I had asked my first love to marry me in NYC before Xmas. She said no. But I did get my first kiss from her in the middle of times sq.! Was sad for awhile. Later on in the year I had seen my friend who I had not seen in 12 years. That was very special for me. Thanks to my mom she helped me go to NYC over the summer to NYFA. Had the best time of my life there. I learned more about my self and who I am as a person. I saw the girl who I had gotten my kiss from. I told her I was no longer in love with her but I still love and care for her. After coming home from NYC I was very sad because I missed NY so very much. I also came home to not much of any job. But I worked when I could. I told my self if I want NYC and to see U2 bad enough then I can do it!

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If I Belleve in my self and save save save for it. So I had come to NYC on a trip I did all my self that I had saved up for. Had spending money that I saved up for. All without a job. Don't ask me how but I did it! In that one day I had loved so much I was now at the Garden watching U2 for the first time! So that's why I did not want the show to end. We were so active and loud Bono thought it was a Friday not a Monday! That's us MSG BABY! Lucky enough...... The band came back on and this time it was Until The End Of The World. This to me was a great song to play at the garden. I loved it! Mysterious Ways was great also. When the boys played With Or Without You the people a few rows down were all happy! It was so cool to see Bono bring a girl up stage to dance with him! (he should have given her something also hehe) Funny I had always loved that song and use to sing it but that night was the first time I had figured out what the song was about. After the song people were starting to leave in my section. I walked also but something told me to stay because I knew the boys were not over yet. We were treated to “The First Time” (If you remember my journal I had wrote awhile back about my thoughts on that song they still ring true) but it also reminded me of my dad a bit for some reason. Nice song. Good treat. “Stuck In A Moment” Need I say more? I am still stuck in that moment in time and I cant get out of it! I sang it and cried again.

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“ 'We had the best time in this city this year. We wanna do something we have never done before to say thank you. This is gonna be interesting.' Instant Karma. So good to do a Lennon Song (I had just seen the Lennon show over the summer so it was a nice tribute to the summer) We all started to sing and the band well I could tell they had some trouble with the song - aww. Then Patti came out to sing. When she came back out I did not like it but then it just got better. We were all in a 60’s groove. I felt like we were all changing the world. I would think the last song would be “New York” but nope. It was “Bad” - I thought it was 40. hehe. To me this song is a magical song. What a good song to end a wonderful moment in time for me. I sang each word and it. I also knew what song to me that night. My spirit was set free. I felt alive. felt like i could walk on water and really got into the groove of the song. Amazing Night! That night I feel has changed my life. Ways that I may not know now but I will know when that time comes.
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When the show was finally over the time was around midnight so I finally made it outside. It was still raining! NO!!!! The Poster!!!!!!!!! I was in pain at that point in time from walking all day. I was tripping on my pants and soaked to the bone. The poster also! I finally made my way back up to Times Sq. I wanted to go to Toys R Us Or Virgin to check out the people get the new xbox. When I got there I looked at the clock and I thought it said 1248 am! My bus was at 130 am! So I made it back over the Port Authority. Got in line. The poster was drying. I was drying. Each step I took I was in pain. The bus finally got there. I found a seat on the bus and it drove off with me into the night. Driving away from the city of blinding lights. Driving away from a wonderful day that will live in my heart. I had worked so hard to get to the city in only 3 1%2 months time. I did it! So I watched the bus drive away from the city.
I went to sleep or tried to. So the bus ride home was okay. I came home at 530pm on Tuesday Night. And wow what an adventure I had. This trip is proof that if you want it bad enough and you will do anything you can to get it and live in that one moment that you will remember for the rest of your life, This was that trip! I now know where I am happy. But I was also happy because I worked for it on my own.
I came home at 6pm and took a nice long shower because I felt like a bum. It felt so good. I went to bed at 930pm. So that was my trip to New York City. Monday Nov 21. 2005
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