James (flashfire) wrote in u2,

Bono in Toronto

Bono can say some really powerful things sometimes. Here's something before playing Miss Sarajevo in Toronto, 9/14/05.
"We grew up in a country that got used to terrorism, though we lived 100 miles down the road from the real hot spots. Still, in Dublin, there were car bombings, assassinations and ugly stuff.

Seems like everyone, every city where you come to now, people are growing up with terrorism, getting used to terrorism.

You should never get used to people who value ideas above other people. That's what they're about. They put ideas before people.

If there's any one thing our band stands for, and I'm not sure there's any one thing, it's got to be the idea that people are more valuable than ideas.

And that equality is something that you have to fight for every day, whether it's Mozambique, New Orleans, Toronto, or Sarajevo, where we wrote this tune."
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