dark_scale (dark_scale) wrote in u2,

My Atlanta 11/18/05 pics

I've seen a few pics for the Atlanta 1 show being posted, so i thought i'd share some of my own (i've just had to opportunity to upload them now). I can't share all 50 shots, however, being that my photobucket is password protected for personal reasons, but there were only a few shots that really came out anyway. Almost all of them were blurry, despite my efforts. But there's a few decent shots, so i can't complain. I was just left of the "tip" of the ellipse, and about five people back from the rail. Here 'tis...

The band emerges for City of Blinding Lights

Mysterious Ways

Bono belting out Sometimes... (a bit blurry, apologies)

Larry during Love and Peace or Else

Bono on the ramp, Adam and Edge back on the stage

Bono up close and personal

We all know this moment in a U2 show

Edge breaking into Stuck in a Moment

My good friend/bassist Jim watching a light-bathed Bono

The gang's all here for Yahweh (Adam's behind Larry...even more obscured than on the JT cover, heh)

I hope you all enjoy them. Not that i'm much of a photographer, but please don't post elsewhere without permission, yadda-yadda. Copyright 2005 Patrick Ashe.
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