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excuse the personal narrative here, but one year ago today...

...I was wrapped up in my sleeping bag outside the San Jose Arena, watching a torrential downpour as I waited in the GA line for what wound up being one of the two most amazing concerts I've ever been to, San Jose 2 of the Elevation Tour (Seattle PopMart is the other one).

So many wonderful memories...

I had met candai the night before as I exited that night's show, and we hung out a lot on 4/20/01 (and I'm so happy she and I are still friends!). She was right next to me when I met Adam and Larry. They signed my soggy setlist that Stu had given me. I think Candice has a pic of it somewhere. I just have pix of the guys. Adam's eyes are amazingly blue. Larry was wearing Creepers and skull earrings.

The show itself was amazing. They played "Stay" for the first time in North America. They played "Kite" for the first time ever. The crowd vibe was so strong. The girl plucked from the audience to dance with Bono during "Mysterious Ways" stole the show ("Does everybody dance like that in the Bay Area?"). It was just an incredible evening. There were special things going in that arena that night...tough to put a finger on what exactly it was, but there are moments in life where you know that a Higher Power is definitely present, and this was one of them. Willie's Diary described the night as a "transcendental experience" and said that Bono had deemed it "the best show of his entire career" (his feelings on this may have changed since, but last spring, that was what he had said).

The third leg Elevation shows were intense, particularly since September 11th put so many of the songs in a new light. The fall shows were a release and, in some ways, a memorial service. But the first leg had an intensity about it that was purely joyful.

To see pix from several spring Elevation tour shows, including San Jose 2 that happened a year ago today, go here:
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