Sara (rialto) wrote in u2,

Hello all. I joined this community a while ago, but never got around to introducing myself.

I'm Sara, and I live south of Boston. And I'm sure I could go on and on and say how I've loved U2 ever since I was a little kid. But really, I've grown up with U2. Even though I listen to lots of indie rock and Britpop otherwise (Radiohead, Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown, White Stripes, Travis, Sloan, Blur), U2 remains the one band I truly love. I've seen five U2 concerts (which pales in comparison to many of you, I'm sure): one ZooTV concert in Chicago (when I was only seven, imagine that! I still remember it, though.), one PopMart concert (in Foxboro), and three Elevation concerts (Boston, June 9; New York, June 17; and Providence, October 31). The Elevation concerts, were some of the best nights of my life (which I am sure we can all agree with). June 9 in Boston was especially memorable, as I stood right near the tip of the heart, and Bono took a swig from my water bottle.

So yeah, that's about it. I'm glad to be part of such a dedicated community of U2 fans.
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