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Chicago DVD

Posted my thoughts on the Chicago DVD on my own LJ and decided to share with the group. I'm sticking it behind a cut in case people haven't seen yet and don't want my silly opinions and spoilers, heehee.

Yay, at last I watched the DVD! It was amaaaaaaazing! Not sure if I like it better than Boston though, cause I adore Boston so much. I'll watch it more and decide! (Any excuse!)

Fab stuff:
All the Adam/Bono lurve. It was like overload! And mega cute.
Bono kissing Adam during Streets. It falls into the above topic but deserves one of its own! Mmmmmyeah.
Larry's expression when Bono hit his cymbal, lmao. It was a F.O.A.D. moment.
Edge and Adam shaking hands after Into The Heart and grinning, awww. They are too cute. (Yeah, I use cute a lot to describe them, sue me.)
New Year's Day. The whole song. I can't explain why really... Maybe Adam going for a walk, Edge being multi-talented as usual...
Original Of The Species - beautifully played and sung.
Yahweh - that song is gorgeous anyway, but them all out on the ellipse playing together was the best.
Teh Bono/Larry singing on Love & Peace. Tres fab.
Edge on Electric Co. Just stunning. The man is a genius. The guitar seems to move within him at times.
Running To Stand Still was lush.
Mysterious Ways was fab until the girl came up to dance. She annoyed me intensely and spoiled the song for me.
Bono having trouble singing during Elevation, hee. "I've got a frog in my throat." Yup.
An Cat Dubh. How random, lol!
Some gorgeous shots of the lads which are begging to be made into icons.
Edge. Full stop.

Stuff that wasn't as fab:
Zoo Station wasn't nearly as fun as the ones I've seen on bootlegs. There wasn't the same interaction between Bono and Edge.
The Fly is always fabulous but I prefer the Boston version, I think. Yeah.
The way it was shot was a little annoying because it was a bit dizzying! It changed shot so often, I like when you can see everything for longer. And when the camera did linger it was - surprise surprise - on Bono.

So really, I loved it!
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