Just the bang and the clatter (dazzlingamy) wrote in u2,
Just the bang and the clatter

Hiya! :)

Hello, I thought i would make a proper post (and mods, please delete this if contrivening any rules).

As there is about 15 hours to go on the Australian presale I was wondering (contiuning on from the generous person below) if there are any northern hempisphere people still with a u2.com presale code they arn't going to use and want to share the u2 love with someone else? I just think i'm going to have a problem lining up on Monday, and would feel ever so much better if I had the tickets in my hands at least now. I would be grateful for all enternity!

Anyway, if not, i will just blame the trains for my lateness to work or sommat, but i thought i'd at least try! :) :)

thank you!

EDIT: The presale has finished! Thank you to the two ppl that emailed me, i didnt get it in time! *cries* hahaha oh well, i'll let you know how my ticket buiying goes on Monday! :)
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