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Sunday Mirror
April 21, 2002

Oasis' Liam: We're Better Than U2 Now

By Paul Davis

Oasis bad boy Liam Gallagher has taken a swipe at rivals U2, blasting "We're
still more important than them."

The star was speaking after his band sold-out 80,000 tickets for their
concert spectacular in London in just ONE hour. He said: "These are the
fastest selling gigs we have done.

"We are going to f***ing have it at those gigs, because the kids deserve it,
for still being with us. In 10 year's time, we'll still be rocking and
putting on shows. That's what counts. We are still more important than U2
or R.E.M."

But one of Gallagher's old friends, Stephen Murray who used to party with
Oasis for many years, said: "It's a shame Liam is saying this. How can he be
so disrespectful to U2? Liam's mouth seems to get bigger when he has got a
record coming out. Let's face it Bono must be laughing to himself. After all
is said and done U2 are known all over the world. Bono is a music giant, but
Oasis? They will always be known as the group who ripped off the Beatles'
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