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U2 merchendise I got!

Anyone who's interrested to read...



My stepdad and I have been watching Ebay the alst days, because I told him I wanted a U2 Ipod. When we were in the MEdia Markt last sunday, I pointed him the Ipods, and he said that it would be better if he would bring back one for me when he will be in Vegas in 2006... When I was on Ebay I saw the U2 Ipods on there, and I showed them and said they were so cheap... he started to bid, but w edidn't get one... so the last days we have been bidding for every Ipod we saw... but today.... YES! My stepdad's spirit was like "Im not getting throw out again...." and we again found an Ipod in Germany.... all brand new.... still sealed and everything...
At the last 25 sec, he overbid the last one, who had bid 100 pounds, and we bid 125 pounds.... after many refreshing... we saw we had one it... someone else had also bid on it at the last sec... with 110 pounds, and we overbid it with 112!

I was too happy! I jumped in the air, and my stepdad began to laugh very hard.... I huged him and kissed him.... and jumped some more... I went to my mum I had it, and we had people downstairs following a course my mum gives, and I ofcourse had to explain what I just got..

We now got it for 112 pounds, and 47 shipping... but I think it will be less becuase it's from germany, which is actually neighbors compaired to the world... it all is 159 pounds... which is 238 euros.... the Ipod itself was 168 euros... a real bargain, because they were.are 340 euros here...

Im so damn glad :D My stepdad is going to pay for it tomorrow, and I will have it next week maybe....

We also got a "ONE" band from ebay... I really wanted that one because I can use it for my talk about Bono, and I just want one because we can't get them here.... It also came from germany and was like 5 euros....

I'm sooo happy! I really needed this because I had some really shitty weeks...

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